Senior Life Insurance
Spouse Protection

Spouse Protection from Family Financial Feuds After You Die

Safeguarding your spouse is one of the most instinctive characteristics of married couples, a theme even depicted in Greek mythology. In the epic tale of the Trojan War, Prince Paris of Troy abducts Helen. That treachery sparked a ten-year conflict as the Greeks, led by King Menelaus of Sparta, fight to reclaim her. This act…
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Social Security Life Insurance Policy: A Safety Net for Surviving Spouses

A Social Security life insurance policy can be a life-sustaining benefit at a tough time. Here is how it works and the concept behind this vital benefit. Most studies show that when a married couple retires, it will be about twenty years before the first spouse dies. It’s not a comfortable thought to think about…
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Senior Life Insurance to protect your loved ones

Senior Life Insurance: Protecting Loved Ones at Any Age

Senior Life Insurance may feel like deciphering the most challenging crossword puzzle. Some clues may not make sense, and it’s difficult to see how everything fits together. But without life insurance, our loved ones could face financial hardships. Or the dream of leaving a legacy for the next generation may remain unfulfilled. It’s easy to overlook…
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final expense life insurance

Final Expense Life Insurance

What is Final Expense Life Insurance? Final expense life insurance is a life insurance policy with a death benefit of $25,000 or less. More importantly, a final expense life insurance policy will reduce the financial burden on your loved ones. For example, the insurance will provide a source of cash to pay for final expenses…
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Life insurance after 60

The Best Life Insurance After Age 60

Successfully finding the best life insurance after age 60 requires knowledge and the right guidance.
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