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Hi, I’m Van Richards, ChFC® and I’d like to thank you for requesting a life insurance quote.

The information you received gives you an idea of which life insurance companies may be the best for you.  Plus it gives you a cost estimate.  Within the next day, I will review the information you have supplied and call you to discuss your options.  

My goal is to help you find the best life insurance coverage at the lowest price in the shortest amount of time. I will ask you a few questions about your health and lifestyle to find the life insurance provider that will be best for you. Part of my three-part customer satisfaction guarantee is that I will not sell your information. Moreover, all communications will remain private unless I am compelled by law.

After our conversation, I will research the options that I judge may be best for you, and I’ll email you the results.  Then I will call you again to answer any questions you may have and discuss how you would like to proceed.