I’m Van Richards, the founder of Advice 4 Life Insurance. I help families plan financially for the future.

Your family needs you. I can help you protect them from the financial pain of losing a loved one with life insurance.

Van Richards, ChFC®
I’m Van Richards, I help families financially plan for the future.

Over the past thirty-plus years, I have helped families plan their estates with life insurance. And, I have helped families overcome financial pain after the death of a loved one by making money available to pay expenses and settle debts. Additionally, I have helped families prepare their closely held business for succession or sale. Some of these strategies used life insurance, but not all. Plus, I have shown parents how to save for the education of their children, save for retirement, plan for disability, and guided them on how to live from their savings in retirement. Life insurance was important. However, it did not solve every problem. Knowing when to and when not to use life insurance is key to good planning. In short, I help families financially plan for the future.  Request a quote.

My inspiration

I am grateful to the many people that have allowed me to be their guide for their financial challenges. In addition to many years of working with people, my life experiences have helped me to be a better advisor to clients.  Being married for twenty-nine years and being blessed with children has taught me about what is important in life.  I have learned how to be humble, a better listener, diplomatic, patient, more kind, forgiving, God-fearing, and thankful to God.

Above all, my life experience has also taught me to be grateful to God for another day to live.  Because, I have faced illness to the degree of being disabled for several years, and by the grace of God have recovered.   

Depth of experience

Being disabled presents a number of challenges, one of which is not to stop living.  Time away from work has allowed me to deepen my faith in God and continue my education. In August of 2019; I  completed an in-depth and extensive certification program in financial planning; the Chartered Financial Consultant, ChFC ® program issued by The American College of Financial Services. If you would like to learn more about me, please view my LinkedIn page.

Helping you overcome challenges

Everyone faces challenges in their life.  It doesn’t matter if you are wealthy or not.  That is to say, we are all human and face similar obstacles.  I have overcome many challenges, and like you, I continue to face barriers in life.  My belief is that one of the reasons God has helped me overcome problems is so that I might be better at empathizing with people and helping them to plan their life. I know what it is like to be disabled, to face my mortality, and to have financial challenges.

I also know the pain of losing family members that have been close to my heart. God has been there and promises to continue to be here to help with those pains.  And someday, when you pass away; if you accept God into your life, He can be the cornerstone that leads your family to continue with their lives too.  However, now it is up to you to plan for your family and help them to avoid the financial pain that they will face one day when you die. I can help your family plan for the future.

I can be your guide

If you want to help your family handle future financial problems or leave a legacy to your family, I can help you. Request a quote.